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As one of the highest risk industries, construction companies need to monitor project costs at all times so that contracts do not go out of control. In response to this risk, Xpedeon provides a top-of-the-line Budgets & Cost Value Reconciliation (CVR) system - a planning and job costing software that helps contractors to plan, monitor, and control costs.

Xpedeon's Construction Budgeting Software brings together the established totals for cost and value to illustrate the profitability of a contract – on an online basis. It ensures that contract profits shown in company accounts are accurate and are supported with complete details of all transactions and reconciliations.

Xpedeon CVR displays the following information to facilitate a complete assessment of the financial position of the project:
  • Initial tender figures and expected profit.
  • Forecast figures at completion for value and profit.
  • Current payment applications by the contractor.
  • Current certified value.
  • An account of any adjustments or provisions to the certified valuation.
  • Cost to date at the accounting period in question.
  • Cash received to date including the retention deducted and certified sums unpaid.

By tracking the commitment and encumbrance for each Cost Code, Xpedeon helps close the gap between 'budget' and 'actual’. It provides ready access to all costs allowing users to examine each cost incurred, find out why it happened, and determine how it can be controlled better in the future - thereby contributing to better ongoing levels of profitability. Comparisons of actual figures with estimated costs identify projects and individual expenses that are over running budget or forecast, so that the team can take corrective action. Users can ‘drill down’ to view detailed information on originating transactions.
This construction budgeting software has been specifically designed to fulfill the needs and requirements of real estate, contracting, and other project-based companies.

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