Contract Management Software

Xpedeon’s Construction Contract Management module is designed to meet all your contracting requirements. The system supports various contracting models such as Re-measure, Lumpsum, Stage Payment Matrix (Tick Sheets), Staged BoQ, and Hybrid contracts. Essential information such as contract terms and conditions, on-account and provisional payments, retentions, advances, materials on site, sundries & contras, and statutory taxation can be conveniently stored and maintained. Vital information such as the ‘Original Scope’, ‘Variations’, ‘Revised Contract Sum’, ‘Billed to Date’, and ‘Remaining Order Book’ can be viewed at the click of a button.

The system offers robust variation management features enabling you to control the scope of your contract. Users can track variations through a detailed audit trail of all actions such as who logged a variation and its movement through the lifecycle. The CVR reflects all variations recorded, thus completely eliminating discrepancies and manual updates.Contract variations can be converted and linked to subcontract variations in case of back-to-back subcontracts.

The Contract Management software module is tightly linked with other Xpedeon modules – ensuring that information is relevant and up-to-date. Integration benefits of the ERP software include:

  • Provision to electronically import tenders from the Estimating system to the Contract Management system, and convert these tenders into contracts.
  • Seamless integration with the Budgets & CVR module, ensures that the 'Cost at Completion' (including the 'Margin') is always in perfect sync with the revised 'Contract Sum'.
  • Complete visibility of transaction details and history of a customer is achieved by a close link with the Accounts Receivable module. View up-to-the-minute data such as current balance, last activities, transaction details, and detailed statistics for each customer account.
  • Inituitive features and flexiblity  make this system an ideal construction contract management software for contractors.

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