Sales CRM Software

Xpedeon’s Sales CRM software is a powerful application that helps you to plan, manage, and track your sales and marketing activities. It operates in a proactive manner to ensure that you focus on where the real opportunities exist and to drive sales. The system helps you to maintain a fully cross-linked centralized database of contacts, customers, leads, and opportunities in a secure manner. It provides easy traceability of all interactions of an enquiry and facilitates quick responses by providing visibility on turnaround time on information requests. Users can gain insights on the most active sources of information, regions, segments, customer behavior, and profiles.

Xpedeon helps you to plan and execute marketing, e-mail, and internet based campaigns with ease and to track leads and opportunities arising out of such campaigns. Marketing personnel can forecast sales based on opportunity information and probable close dates and view accurate information on the size and value of the sales pipeline along with reasons for winning or losing business.

A strong inbuilt workflow engine together with the ability to define specific data capture at the point of leads and opportunities enables users to establish a well-defined, consistent, and enterprise-wide sales process. Xpedeon provides an extremely user-friendly environment that helps you assess sales activities assigned to you or your teams, track various tasks and appointments, and manage approvals. It also has capabilities to send external and internal automated emails, alerts, and faxes as part of the business process workflow.
It is the ideal CRM for real estate as it can be used in sales and marketing activities of other core modules of xpedeon like property sales and rentals, contract management, and manufacturing projects. Over the years, Xpedeon has become industry’s best ERP software for contractors and house builders.
CRM Process
CRM Dashboard