Estimating Software

Xpedeon includes a powerful construction estimating software which is flexible and easy-to-use. It implements industry best practices for estimating bids and enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the bidding process. This module comprehensively covers all features required for estimating in construction, such as:

  • Collaborative estimating capabilities allow multiple estimators to work on a single bid without overwriting or loss of data.
  • Users can estimate ‘on-the-go’ by using Xpedeon’s mobile estimating features.
  • Comprehensive security mechanisms ensure high levels of data confidentiality.
  • Options such as - automated import of the BoQ, centralised libraries for resources and rates, and smart copy and paste - eliminate repetitive and time consuming work while maintaining data accuracy.
  • Flexible reporting screens let you query, generate, sort, arrange the reports in the way you want. The Drill Down feature lets you analyse data, down to the core transaction level.

Xpedeon calculates bid values in real-time. The applicable regional resource rates are automatically applied resulting in rapid item pricing. Pricing of the bid can be done flexibly and easily through options such as:

  • Copying build-ups from standard libraries.
  • Flagging of BoQ items on various criteria.
  • Default definition of resource buildup of items as Constants (consumption per unit) or Output (production per unit).
  • Facilities to change resources rates for a bid.
  • Entry of multiple markups as percentages or amounts for indirect cost, overheads, or profit on selected or all items.

Powerful BI Reporting tracks and evaluates the process of winning business and extending the business pipeline. It presents a solid analysis of your forecast pipeline - the wins, losses, problem areas, top performing divisions, estimators and other valuable analysis. Analyse data across bids on parameters such as Status (wins, losses, in progress bids), Estimator, Date Range, Client, Divisions, Contract Type, and so on.

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