ETO Manufacturing Software

Xpedeon's ETO Manufacturing software delivers comprehensive functionality to manage Engineer to Order Manufacturing contracts. It empowers organizations to manage the manufacture of custom engineered components as well as their testing and erection at project sites. Complete integration with other applications such as Contracts Management and CVR, ensures that milestone based billings, comprehensive cost control, and revenue recognition are properly addressed.

The system supports the entire ETO manufacturing process from multi-level Estimating, Engineering, and Production BOM (with support for revision control) to Production Planning, Shop Floor Control, and Dispatch to project sites. With advanced features such as capacity planning, job scheduling and on-floor tracking as standard features of the product, Xpedeon ensures that each aspect of the project is properly planned, controlled, and monitored.

The ETO Manufacturing software ensures that industry specific challenges such as the uniqueness of items to be manufactured for each project, engineering change management, project based costing, and shipping from WIP are comprehensively addressed. It also covers unique requirements such as - remnant control, shipment of intermediates which are ultimately assembled on site, and milestone billing - to ensure that you are in complete control of your ETO projects.

The module integrates seamlessly with other systems to give you  effective and complete construction management.
Manufacturing Process
Production Tracking