Inventory and Stock Management Software

With high-inventory volumes in the construction business, managing stock and tracking its movement is one of the key areas which takes up time, money, and effort. Xpedeon’s Inventory module is a comprehensive system designed to tackle this with ease. It manages every aspect of the Inventory process - from receiving and issuing to rejecting, returning, and transferring goods; whilst maintaining a strict audit trail over these events through predefined document workflows and approval chains.

The system is equipped with numerous features which automate frequently performed tasks and provide easy accessibility to the complete history of all inventory movement. Stock quantities are continuously updated by the system across multiple projects, stores, yards, and warehouses - to give you an accurate inventory of items. All costs are tracked in real time to arrive at the true valuation of each inventory item.

Users can run customisable reports to view summarised or detailed stock information, transfer analysis, and historical trends. These reports empower you to know what you’ve got, where it is, and how much it’s worth at any point of time - thus ensuring effective working capital utilisation and helping you maintain optimum stock levels. 

With Xpedeon's comprehensive construction inventory management software, contractors and builders can manage  their inventory process with complete ease.

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