Procurement Software

Xpedeon is an integrated construction ERP software which tracks each step of the procurement lifecycle – right from creating a supplier record to receiving requisitions, floating enquiries, comparing quotations, issuing purchase orders, receiving goods, and certifying invoices. It automates tedious and time-consuming tasks thereby expediting the procurement process.

Users have instant visibility into real-time financial and operational data across departments, enabling them to make more informed purchasing decisions. Two-way matching of the purchase order to invoices or three-way matching of the order, goods receipt note, and invoice - avoids over-billing, ensures control over the complete order-to-pay process, and eliminates unauthorised payments.

Automatic and on-line linkage to the project plan ensures that procurements are done on schedule and within budget.

Interrogate the data using advanced Drill-Down capabilities that allow users to see the ‘Source’ and ‘Next Action’ documents with a single click.

Xpedeon's construction procurement software module provides real-time information through it's series of powerful reports. These include spend and procurement analysis, supplier performance analysis, order analysis, and historical trends – empowering users with vital information when they need it. Know whom you have ordered from, how much you have ordered, how much is received, how much is invoiced, how much is balance, and that all costs are correctly distributed.   


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