Subcontracting Software

Xpedeon offers a state-of-the-art Subcontracting system that lets you take full control of the subcontract management lifecycle – right from initial subcontractor registration and assessment, to floating bids, issuing work orders and instructions (variations), measuring progress, receiving payment certificates, making payments, and deducting and releasing retention.

Comprehensive subcontractor records with sophisticated exception reporting and alerting help you to gain visibility into areas such as the status of insurance, health and safety, and statutory environment and sustainability policies. Users can track quality grades, incident records and such other crucial information at the touch of a button.

Work orders can be created flexibly, with options for various payment schedules such as – itemised, rate only, lumpsum, and stage payment matrix. Information can be replicated across work orders or from the main contract - reducing manual data entry. Work orders can be ‘Closed’ or ‘Cleared Down’ on completion or pre-mature termination.

The scope of a work order can be altered by entering instructions against it. These can be linked to client specified changes and tracked through user-definable statuses. Work orders and instructions automatically update the budget utilisation for the project.

Performance can be monitored through Periodic Valuations (progress measures) against work orders and variations. Users can view previous, current, and total valuations for each item or stage on the data entry screen. Based on this, the system easily computes the periodic running account bill for the work-order. Valuation details can be used as the basis for creating payment certificates and month-end accruals.

As part of the larger ERP software for construction and real estate, the subcontracting module integrates completely with other systems. Payment Certificates raised against work orders are booked automatically into the Cost Ledger and Accounts Payable Ledger, ensuring that accounts ties in completely with project data. Integration with the Contract Management process ensures that subcontract exposure vis-à-vis the contract scope is fully controlled. Project managers can track materials issued and plant utilised by subcontractors giving them total control over operations.

Subcontracting Process
Work Order Valuation