Timesheet and Payroll Software

Xpedeon's Timesheet and Payroll module is designed to address the specific timesheet and payroll requirements of contractors and builders.

It stores and tracks all employee records including employment history, contact details, certifications, insurance, bank accounts, performance details, payment terms, etc. A single point employee card allows users to view all information relating to the employee, in a central location - from attendance and absence to advances and salary paid. Users can easily group, search, and sort employees based on user defined criteria for all reporting requirements.

The powerful timesheet interface is designed to provide you complete ease in tracking employee attendance, leave, and adjustments. Keeping in mind the need for faster collection of information, Xpedeon offers fully customisable and easy-to-use timesheet input forms. Employees can log their own timesheets online, or timesheet personnel can enter them using mass data entry forms. Managers can view timesheets entered for or across projects and locations and analyse them for accuracy.

Timesheet data seamlessly integrates with payroll. Online timesheets entered are processed without any duplicate entry by the payroll system - enabling the team to work quickly and efficiently. Once processed, the payroll amount is apportioned to projects and posted automatically.


Timesheet and Payroll Process
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